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High Precision Ear Cleaner

High Precision Ear Cleaner

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How to Use

First, ensure your device is fully charged and the compatible app is installed on your Android smartphone/tablet or IOS iPhone/iPad. Connect the easy-to-use ear cleaning rod to your device via WiFi. Gently insert the professional-grade lens into your ear, and through the app, you'll be able to view real-time images of your ear canal, making precise wax removal a breeze. The wireless otoscope is also versatile for examining skin, nose, teeth, and even checking your pets' ears, offering a comprehensive health solution.


  • Lens: 360° wide-angle professional-grade lens
  • Image Resolution: 1296P HD
  • Compatibility: Android smartphone/tablet, IOS iPhone/iPad
  • Connection: WiFi
  • Application: Ear canal examination and wax cleaning, skin examination, nose examination, teeth examination, and more.
  • Compliance: FCC, RoHS, CE compliant
  • Additional Use: Suitable for checking ears of dogs and cats

Why Us

At Innovation Mart, our commitment to revolutionizing daily life sets us apart. With a relentless pursuit of cutting-edge solutions, we curate a range of products that seamlessly integrate into your routines, making them more efficient, enjoyable, and hassle-free. Our discerning eye for quality ensures that every item in our collection undergoes rigorous evaluation, ensuring you receive only the finest innovations. As your dedicated partner in smart living, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve, enabling you to embrace the future with confidence. With Innovation Mart, experience a world where technology and convenience unite, enhancing every aspect of your journey.

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Keep your ears clean & healthy

This wireless otoscope goes beyond a regular ear cleaning tool, providing you with a professional-grade lens and 1296P HD imaging for a clear view inside your ear canal.

Real time images

Say goodbye to discomfort caused by wax buildup as you effortlessly remove residue with accuracy. The device's compatibility with both Android and IOS devices ensures easy access to real-time images, enhancing your personal care routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the High Precision Ear Cleaner safe to use, especially for those with sensitive ears?

Absolutely! The ear cleaner is designed with harmless accessories and is suitable for all, including those with oily or sensitive ears. It complies with FCC, RoHS, and CE standards to ensure safety and quality.

Can I use this device to examine areas other than my ears?

Yes, indeed! The wireless otoscope's versatility extends to skin, nose, teeth examinations, and even checking the ears of your pets. It's a comprehensive tool for various health and wellness checks.

How do I connect the ear cleaning rod to my device, and is the app easy to use?

Connecting the ear cleaning rod is simple; it connects via WiFi. The compatible app for Android smartphones/tablets and IOS iPhone/iPad is user-friendly, allowing you to view real-time images and control the device effortlessly during examinations.