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IP Bulb Security Camera

IP Bulb Security Camera

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How to Use

Begin by connecting the camera to your 2.4G WIFI network for flexible connectivity. The camera's advanced features, including black light full color and infrared night vision, ensure exceptional image quality in both well-lit and low-light environments. With three preview modes and true humanoid intelligent alert, the camera accurately detects human activity, minimizing false alarms. Enjoy real-time monitoring and playback through the CMS computer client, and take advantage of the PTZ functionality to cover a wide range of angles. With efficient compression and TF card storage, your data remains secure, and the added benefit of 30-day free cloud storage ensures your peace of mind.


  • WIFI: 2.4G WIFI support
  • Resolution: 2MP / 3MP
  • Night Vision: Black light full color, infrared with four individual infrared LEDs
  • Detection: Humanoid intelligent alert with flash light and alarm
  • PTZ: 355 degrees horizontal rotation, 90 degrees vertical rotation
  • Compression Format: H.264 AI efficient compression
  • Storage: TF card storage, free 30-day cloud storage (1x)
  • CMS Support: Real-time save and play using CMS computer client

Why Us

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Keep your loved ones safe

The camera's innovative black light full color and infrared night vision capabilities provide exceptional visibility day and night. Its true humanoid intelligent alert minimizes false alarms, ensuring accurate detection of human activity.

Easy storage

Efficient H.264 AI compression and TF card storage keep your data secure. Prioritize security and surveillance like never before with the IP Bulb Security Camera.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect the IP Bulb Security Camera to my 5GHz WIFI network?

No, the camera supports 2.4G WIFI only. Ensure your network is on the 2.4GHz band for seamless connectivity.

Can I adjust the camera's field of view using PTZ functionality?

Absolutely! The camera offers PTZ functionality, allowing you to rotate it horizontally by 355 degrees and vertically by 90 degrees. This feature enables comprehensive coverage of your surveillance area.

How does the humanoid intelligent alert work?

The humanoid intelligent alert is designed to accurately detect human activity, minimizing false alarms triggered by other factors. It ensures that you receive relevant notifications, enhancing the camera's effectiveness in providing real security alerts.