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Smart Home Door Bell

Smart Home Door Bell

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How to Use

Start by unboxing the package, which includes the outdoor doorbell, chime, batteries, and other optional accessories like an SD card, double-sided tape, screws, and tools. Install the doorbell outside your home, choosing the best location for optimal coverage. Ensure the chime is plugged into a power source inside your house. Download the accompanying app on your mobile device and follow the wireless setup instructions. Enjoy crystal-clear 720P resolution footage captured by the wide-angle lens with various security-enhancing modes.


  • Package Contents: 1× Outdoor Doorbell, 1× Chime, 3× Batteries, 1× Manual, 1× 32GB SD Card (Optional), 1× Double-sided Tape, Screws & Tools.
  • Camera Resolution: 720P 30fps
  • Wide-Angle Lens: Diagonal angle of 166°, Horizontal angle of 120°
  • Connection: Wireless
  • Standby Time: Long
  • Modes: Infrared night vision, Backlight compensation, Strong light fitting, Fast motion, Wide dynamic
  • Wake-up Modes: Mobile phone active wake-up, Doorbell button wake-up, PIR body detection wake-up
  • Intercom: Two-way voice real-time dialogue
  • Alarm: PIR mobile alarm
  • Storage Capacity: Supports up to 64GB (SD card not included in the package)
  • Power Supply: USB (not included in the package)
  • Chime: Requires power source in the house (plugged)

Why Us

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Crystal clear footage

This cutting-edge security solution brings convenience and peace of mind to your doorstep. With a wide-angle lens capturing clear 720P resolution footage, you'll never miss a moment.

5 security modes

Choose from five security modes, including infrared night vision and fast motion detection, to keep your home safe in various conditions. Enjoy flexibility with three wake-up modes and stay connected through two-way intercom and real-time voice dialogue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I power the Smart Home Door Bell using USB?

Yes, the Smart Home Door Bell can be powered through USB. However, please note that the USB power source is not included in the package. You can use a compatible USB power adapter or source to provide power to the doorbell.

What is the range of the wide-angle lens on the doorbell camera?

The doorbell camera features a wide-angle lens with a diagonal angle of 166° and a horizontal angle of 120°. This wide field of view ensures that you capture a comprehensive view of your doorstep and surrounding areas.

Is the chime included in the package wireless or does it require a power source?

The chime included in the package requires a power source and needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet inside your house. It complements the doorbell by providing an audible alert indoors when the doorbell is pressed or activated.